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Monique Coleman’s Dancing Tour Scoop!

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Photo Courtesy Monique Coleman

Season three hoofer Monique Coleman (High School Musical) checks in with us from the road to give the behind-the-scenes scoop from the Dancing with the Stars tour. This week, as the crew goes South, she dishes on Drew Lachey, Ashley Tisdale – and what a DWTS afterparty with Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan is really like.

Hi Everybody,

I started the tour about a week ago and so far it’s going really well. I’ve basically had to jump into numbers. I’m doing my signature jive and, yes, I’m wearing the yellow dress that I wore on the show … except that this time around, NO WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS! That outfit has been nipped and tucked accordingly to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

Not only am I reunited with my old favorite dances (I do a mambo too), but I’m back with Louis van Amstel (above), my season three partner. He has been a dream to dance with again, especially without the pressure of trying to learn dances in less than a week’s time and then go out and compete. The show was stressful, but the tour is relaxed and fun. This time around, the dancing is for pure pleasure and audience enjoyment – and the audiences have been phenomenal! Typically, you see go to an arena for a music concert. But to see thousands of show up to watch and celebrate dancing is a true testament to how popular the show really is.

Tonight I got to dance with Drew Lachey, and that was a blast. It’s been fun to meet new , reconnect with the dancers, and have some time to myself on the road. I was on tour with High School Musical last year and that was fun – but a lot more hectic. For starters, I shared a bus with Ashley Tisdale. This time, I’ve got my own tour bus and so after each show I come back and just chill. It’s heavenly! My friend Autumn has been traveling with me and we’re having a ball. The past couple of nights we’ve been catching up on our TV viewing. I was traveling a lot last year for HSM so I missed some of my favorite TV shows. I’m catching up with season three of Grey’s Anatomy and bawling my eyes out. Literally I cried my eyes out for hours – O’Malley’s dad died and I lost my mind!

I’m friends with Sabrina Bryan and we’re having a great time spending time together and catching up. The other night after the Cleveland show we had a little party in her bus. We played Nintendo Wii and hung out and had a blast. I got to meet Wayne Newton and he is such a great guy. What a legend! That was an honor for sure. I’m only on the tour for about another week, so I’m soaking in the goodness of it all as much as I can.

So here’s wishing you all a happy new year. Be well and keep on dancing! – Mo xoxo

Photo Courtesy Monique Coleman