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April 01, 2008 12:00 AM

Meet ‘Crazy Diego’ Bouncing back from a universally panned mambo, actor Steve Guttenberg delivered a serious tango that was aided by some “man-on-man” instruction. With partner Anna Trebunskaya falling ill during the practice week, Guttenberg turned to his partner’s husband, pro dancer Jonathan Roberts, who was already eliminated from the competition. “He was great,” Guttenberg said of his substitute teacher. “He knows all the moves and he’s a little hairy but I don’t mind that.” After the dance, Gutte put on his protective gear — plastic safety goggles and a metal bowl for a helmet — before facing the judges and then getting his best scores so far. “I don’t know if it was a good-luck charm,” the actor said to PEOPLE of the gear. “I may have to bring in something heavier one of these days. Maybe some Kevlar.” As for where the steamy Steve erupted from for the tango, Guttenberg admits to adopting a nom-de-dance floor. “It was ‘Crazy Diego,'” Guttenberg said. “And right now, he’s at a bar, and he’s drinking.”

Not So Super Mario “It was difficult,” Mario told PEOPLE of learning the tango while criss-crossing the country for his concert tour. “Karina came up with some amazing choreography, and I was like, ‘Don’t make it another easy one. I want to do it. I want the challenge,’ and then on the last day, I was like, ‘Can we change this? Can we change that? Why did you make it so hard?'” The pair suffered through some low scores, with judge Len Goodman drawing boos from the audience as he told Mario, “It was a mess … You bitterly disappointed me tonight.” His partner Karina Smirnoff, admittedly tired from the pair’s hectic schedule, disagreed with what the judges thought they saw. “We didn’t have a mistake on the performance night,” she told PEOPLE. “When Len called it out we were like, ‘Huh?’ I don’t know what he was seeing. We didn’t mess up.”

Corolla on a Rolla With his partner sporting a short brunette wig, Adam Corolla donned an orange-ruffled shirt and channeled his inner pimp to deliver a tango that left the judges with mouths agape. “I do feel like I did kind of hit my wheelhouse with the prostitute and the pimp thing,” Corolla said of his well-researched tango. “Why can’t we just do one every week? What do you want, a dance about a nun and a priest?” But Adam isn’t the only one with a sharp tongue, as partner Julianne Hough took the chance to jump in by adding, “Or one with a Mormon and a Jew?” Corolla, who judge Carrie Ann Inaba called “quite sexy” and Bruno Tonioli compared to Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas, admitted to being happy about getting straight sevens. But the dancing funnyman knows where his biggest challenge lies. “It’s the battle that rages within my two feet,” he said. “It’s not really about me and Mario, or me and Jason, or me and Kristi, it’s just me and my feet.” As for his complaints of the wardrobe department hurting their chances by covering up his comely blonde partner with a “Sandy Duncan” wig, Corolla smiled, and said of Julianne Hough, “If you put a mop bucket on her head, she would still be beautiful.”

Tracy Turnblad Had It Easy Marissa Jaret Winokur can’t seem to catch a break. One week the judges tell her to tone down her personality, and the next, they’re calling her performance boring. The excitable mom-to-be and partner Tony Dovolani performed a precise jive that left the audience roaring, but the judges yawning, and a distressed Winokur asking, “Are you kidding me?” After getting what seemed like mixed messages, partner — and dad-to-be — Dovolani didn’t know what to expect. “I really was shocked,” the pro dancer said of the criticism. “It literally knocked the wind out of me because I was so proud of her. As for Inaba’s “You won a Tony” comment, Winokur said, “Get other Tony winners up here, and you’ll see, not all of them dance!”

Seal of Approval Cristi n de la Fuente scored high with his jive, but the Chilean heartthrob was quick to give credit where credit was due, particularly to Clyde, the sea lion. “When you are dancing with a sea lion,” he said, “you are able to come here and just have fun and have a good dance.” Clyde and Cristian were introduced by pro partner Cheryl Burke, who claims to have known the beefy swimmer for years. “We met at the zoo,” Burke joked of her pal. De la Fuente ended his dance by sliding across the dance floor, almost ending up in the lap Kristi Yamaguchi‘s mother Carol, who was sitting in the front row. “I had no idea,” a sleeveless de la Fuente said of his finish. “I just slide and something had to stop me.” Yamaguchi, watching from backstage, saw the whole thing. “My mom was probably loving that! That was pretty cute and she was probably blushing the whole time!”

Julianne Meets Gerard After the show, a star-struck Julianne Hough melted in front of Nim’s Island star Gerard Butler. As the ballroom emptied out, Julianne, still sporting her wig, approached Butler and said, “Can I please give you a hug? I’m so sorry.” The two then posed for a photo, with Butler breaking off to say his good-byes to a nearby Mario, and an elated Julianne literally danced across the floor and into the night. –Reagan AlexanderKelsey McNeal/ABC

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