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Monday’s DWTS: What You Didn’t See

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The couples lift-off for Carrie Ann, Jennie draws first blood and more…

The Safety Dance: The group number was a blast, but also a bruising experience, says Jane Seymour: “In rehearsals, I smashed my head and strained a muscle in my rib cage. Everybody bumped and bruised at some point.” Still, Edyta Sliwinska told us, “It was just pure fun. You’re not being judged, and hopefully if you screw up nobody will see you.”

One person watching the dance–and loving it–was judge Carrie Ann Inaba. All of the couples performed the forbidden ballroom move– lifts and more lifts!–as a kind of “nah-nah” shout-out to Inaba. Seymour’s partner Tony Dovolani, who butted heads with Inaba over a lift call during their waltz earlier this season, taunted on camera, “Eat your heart out, Carrie Ann.” What did Inaba think of it all? “I kind of felt like they personally dedicated them all to me. I could see it in their eyes, like, ‘Watch this, Carrie Ann!'” she told PEOPLE. “I liked it!” Life in the Fast Lane: While Helio Castroneves was sad to see Mark Cuban go last week, he wasted no time in calling dibs on the billionaire’s trailer. “I moved in, and it is so nice,” Castroneves told PEOPLE. “It’s got a lot more room, it has nicer things. There is a plasma TV. I moved in there, and I am very, very happy. I hope I can stay in there for a long time.” Or at least until the last week of November–finale week–right, Helio?

The Lil’ Booty That Could: Castroneves was admonished by the judges last week for his stiff and mechanical rumba. This week he got his rear in gear, literally, as he cheerfully cha-cha’d with a hearty booty shake right in front of the judges’ podium, much to their delight. Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli banged the table, while Inaba openly applauded.

“This booty is small, but it is strong,” Castroneves joked. Also bringing up the rear nicely was Mel B., who showed off her curves in a clingy white dress while performing the perfect rumba of the night with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. “Her butt looks great,” Chmerkovskiy said approvingly.

Mirror, Mirror: When co-host Samantha Harris came out onto the ballroom floor minutes before showtime, she and Inaba did double takes at each other and then cracked up laughing. Both women were wearing dark gowns and sporting complimentary hairdos. “We got the memo,” Inaba joked to PEOPLE. “We had slightly different versions of the same hairdo. We were definitely in tune with the room tonight.”

Nervous Nelly: Jennie Garth admits she’s a bundle of nerves on performance day. “People might think it’s a self-deprecating act. But it’s not. There is nothing cool about me,” said Garth. While the music, choreography and partner Derek Hough all helped her get over her stage fright, Garth shared her technique for dealing with her nerves: she scratches the skin at the base of her left pointer finger. “I dig a hole in my finger. It’s not bad today, but Friday I did draw blood,” she admitted. Ouch! –Monica Rizzo