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Monday’s Dancing: What You Didn’t See

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Kelsey Mcneal/ABC (2)

Lap Dance: Every week, Jewel can usually be spotted on the same side of the stage cheering on husband Ty Murray. But on Monday night, the singer was seen scurrying to the other side of the stage and taking a seat there before Murray’s performance. Turns out, she needed to sit there so Murray could direct his swiveling hips toward her. “Jewel knew she needed to be in that seat for the rumba,” Murray told PEOPLE about the seating switcheroo, but she had no idea what was in store for her. “I kind of made the solo up as I went.”

Finder’s Keepers: Last week, the women squealed when Gilles Marini shed his shirt and threw it into the audience during the Team Tango dance. Monday night was no different when Marini threw his hat at the start of his foxtrot. “I like throwing things,” he said afterward. Oh yeah? Well, the ladies like catching them, too. In fact, the woman who caught the hat didn’t want to give it up when a crew member stopped by afterward and asked for it. It took some polite words, but she finally gave it up.

The Calgon Fix: Lil’ Kim, who was at the top of the leader board last week, took a few barbs from the judges Monday evening. So how does she deal with the criticism? “I take baths on Monday nights,” said Kim, whose usual bubbly attitude was more subdued. “I love candles. And I just relax.”

Olympic-Sized Hugs: After the judges gushed over Shawn Johnson’s paso doble, the pint-sized Olympic gymnast could hardly contain herself. She rushed to the judges’ table and gave the three judges hugs and kisses, to the crowd’s delight. But this isn’t exactly in character for her. “I never would’ve even approached a judge at the Olympics,” she said after the show. “I just loved their comments. I worked so hard. I struggled so hard on that dance, I felt they deserved it.”

Crowded House: With the semi-finals a week away, an interesting assortment of celebrity audience members cropped up to watch the show. Singer Tyrese sat ringside and clapped thunderously for pal Lil’ Kim. Even Gilles Marini couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop by and shake his hand at the start of the show. Also in attendance: Joe Piscopo and DWTS alum Marlee Matlin. –Elaine Aradillas

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