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Monday’s Dancing : What You Didn’t See

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OOPS!: Louie Vito said the jitterbug has been one of his favorite dances so far. “It’s flipping, kicking, flicking, it’s all about fun,” he says. But one move he wasn’t prepared for was dropping. During a flip, Vito’s dance partner Chelsie Hightower fell to the floor with a thud. Both dancers knew it was happening, but the performance had to go on. “Getting her to her feet was all I cared about,” he says. Hightower added she just wanted to get to the next step as quickly as possible. “It looks really quick, but when you’re in it, it feels like a lifetime.”

MY LEFT FOOT: Just as Kelly Osbourne’s sprained foot was beginning to heal, she dislocated her small left toe. “It actually hurts more than my sprained ankle,” she says, but adds it will heal quickly. She hurt her toe while jumping from a trapeze during while taping a segment that aired before her performance Monday night. The goal was to help her face her fears, which she battles each week before she performs. “Climbing a 35-foot ladder and jumping off and hoping that the net will catch you — I’m not into that. That’s my brother’s world,” she says. “It’s the first time I felt proper fear. Like, oh my God, I’m going to die fear.”

CAN’T QUIT DANCING: For the first time in DWTS history, the dancers particiapted in a Mambo Marathon. One by one, dancers were asked to leave the dancefloor, but Donny Osmond wasn’t ready. “I didn’t want to get off the floor,” says Osmond. “Leave with a bang!” And so he turned to Derek Hough and began dancing with him. “He started dancing and I thought, ‘Ok, I’ll go with it,’” Hough joked.

MAMBO HAIR: Joanna Krupa may have won the mambo contest, but her hair definitely lost. When she approached the judge’s table, her dance partner Derek Hough was seen trying to smooth out her ponytail, which looked like it had just passed through a wind tunnel. But Hough’s styling technique wasn’t enough; the show’s hair stylist quickly ran out to the dance floor with a comb. “Her hair was everywhere!” Hough said.

RAISE YOUR HAND: It has been well documented that judge Len Goodman is hard to please. Usually, he’s the one giving the lowest score among the three judges. But Monday night was different. Goodman repeatedly raised his paddle, often with an 8 or 9, handing out the highest score of the night. He did it for Michael Irvin and Aaron Carter, garnering loud approval from the audience. — Elaine Aradillas

Adam Larkey/ABC