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Monday’s Dancing: What You Didn’t See

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The $56,000 Workout Samantha Harris sported a nearly 1-lb. Tahitian pearl bracelet on her right arm (left), prompting co-host Tom Bergeron to remark before the show, “That thing is huge!” The $56,000 accessory, by jeweler Tara, gave the lithe Harris a workout. “I’m going to have to wear this on the way home so I can work out the muscles on my left arm,” Harris joked.

Ladies Love Cool Lance They danced to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” and ended their funky non-traditional paso doble with a smooch on the lips. How did openly gay Lance Bass really like lip-locking with partner Lacey Schwimmer? “It was fun,” Bass said, laughing. He came out two years ago and ever since he’s been nothing but a chick magnet. “Ironically, that’s what happens,” he says, laughing. “I swear, I came out and I got a way bigger fan base of women. Oh, well.” Kim Backs It Up While her rumba was less than well-received, it was Kim Kardashian’s words of wisdom that left the judges speechless. When the reality-TV star was asked what she needed to do to improve, she replied, “I need to put my rear into gear or a gear up my rear.” Oops. Once it was out there Kardashian couldn’t reel it back in. Carrie Ann Inaba was in hysterics laughing, smacking her hand on the judges’ table at one point. For words of wisdom, Kardashian relies on her mother’s husband, Olympic champ Bruce Jenner. “He tells me to just have a good time and not take it too seriously. He always says, ‘We’re not saving lives here. We’re just dancing.’ ”

Mum Is the Word A quieter Cloris Leachman during week two? Absolutely, the 82-year-old tells PEOPLE. “I was trying to be a nicer person,” she says, glancing over at her partner Corky Ballas, who added: “I told her to be a good girl this week. I warned her all week to behave, be good and she did.” Even without the antics, Leachman received a massive standing ovation. “I think they know I’m who they are — I’m a fan. I’m having as much fun as they are.”

Toe Lift! It wasn’t intentional and barely noticeable, but yes, Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo were scolded by Carrie Ann for doing the season’s first lift. “It was accidental,” Mazo says. Braxton explained, “My foot was about a centimeter off the floor. I was stretching my toe out as much as I could.” But alas, they were nailed. “You should have just lifted me high up in the air,” Braxton playfully chided Mazo, who shook his head in disgust. “I wasted that one. I should have done something obvious and really gone for it,” he joked.

Mama’s Boy He may not have had all the ingredients for a successful rumba according to the judges, but chef Rocco DiSpirito (right) did get a 10 from a very special lady … – his Italian mother, Nicolina. “She loves me on the show,” DiSpirito told PEOPLE as Nicolina embraced him warmly. “She wants to move to L.A. and I told her I may not be on the show forever, so moving is a little bit premature.” Mom says, “I think he’s wonderful. He tries the best he can and he is such a gorgeous man! I am a big fan of the show.” And she can’t wait until she gets to take a spin around the ballroom floor. “I will wait until he finishes the show and then we can dance.”

It’s Not Easy Being Greene It worked for Kermit the Frog, but not for Olympic track star Maurice Greene, who says his namesake color is just bad luck for him. So why did he wear an emerald green shirt for the rumba? “There was one race where I wore a green outfit and I got hurt. I threw those shoes away and I never put it on again,” Greene says. “Now, I put on this green shirt and the judges dogged me like that? We will never wear green again!”

Brooke: Locked and Loaded How to put it delicately? Brooke Burke’s paso doble dress looked like it had the makings of season seven’s first wardrobe malfunction. “I was hoping for it,” partner Derek Hough joked. But alas, the dancing damsel assures that while it appeared her bosom was spilling out of her red and black dress, she was “so in the corset. There was no malfunction possible. Honestly, nothing is moving ever. The whole bodice/corset thing. I don’t know how women did it. I can’t wait to get out of this.” And just because she was wrapped tight didn’t mean Burke didn’t eat. “I had a burger, I had filet mignon last night,” she laughed. “You just put the corset on and cinch it up real tight and there goes the waist.”

Susan Lucci: Dreams of Flying? “Susan Lucci slept on the floor in the airport,” partner Tony Dovolani says. “I documented it. It happened.” The pair, who fly back and forth from New York to L.A., were delayed with a layover in Denver before this week’s show. But the soap star was a trouper, Dovolani says. “This girl was like, all right, as if the floor was going to be great for her back!” As for Dovolani, his biggest strain is being away from his newborn twins. The minute he gets home each week, “we have ten minutes of hugs and kisses,” he says. “We’re a family of five and I’m still getting used to that.” –Monica Rizzo

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