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Rennie Dyball
May 21, 2014 01:30 PM

Modern Family has a knack for leaving viewers wanting more. And Jesse Tyler Ferguson is apparently one of those viewers.

After a wildfire delayed Mitchell and Cameron‘s nuptials in last week’s episode, the wedding would have to wait until Wednesday.

“I’m thrilled to actually see it myself,” Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, told PEOPLE at Turnaround Arts’s White House Talent Show on Tuesday. “The feedback’s been great. People are really excited about it and can’t wait to see part two.”

Ferguson, who has talked about the social ramifications of a gay wedding on a popular primetime sitcom, says it’s meaningful that viewers have come to know and love his character.

“I think it’s a safe ‘in’ for people. They’ve gotten to know Cam and Mitchell for the past five years and have fallen in love with them, hopefully. And I think they’ve stopped identifying them as a gay couple, and identify them as just a really great couple who are in love,” says the actor.

“That goes a long way when you’re talking about something that’s sort of a touchy subject for some people.”

Ferguson, 38, attended the D.C. talent show as part of his new role in the Turnaround Arts program, for which he’ll be paired with a low-performing California school and help introduce students to arts education.

Growing up, “there was a little bit of an arts program at my school but it was a school more built on sports. So I had a hard time finding my place in this puzzle. I was a very quiet kid.”

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Getting into community theater, says Ferguson, was the right fit. “I was shocked that I was so comfortable getting up and expressing myself through theater and through music. It really shaped who I am today.”

As for his own 2013 wedding with lawyer Justin Mikita, Ferguson jokes that it “wasn’t quite as well-produced,” as Mitch and Cam’s. “Nathan Lane didn’t plan my wedding, and it’s not going to be seen by quite as many people, hopefully.”

Part two of the Modern Family season finale airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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