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Michelle Obama Visits Tonight Show, Plays Along with Cross-Dressing Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell

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Jimmy Fallon is wrapping up his first week as host of The Tonight Show with some major guests and serious laughs.

On Thursday night, Michelle Obama joined Fallon for a segment called “Ew!” Taking on the persona – and braces – of a ‘tween girl named Sara, the host welcomed a cross-dressed Will Ferrell and FLOTUS to talk about things that make them go “Ew!”

Daddy long legs, dorky stepdads and jelly doughnuts all made the list of valley girl no-nos, but when the “young ladies” tried to poo-poo exercise, Mrs. Obama had something to say.

“Exercise is not ew!” the first lady exclaimed. “You just have to find an activity that’s right for you.”

FLOTUS’s recommended workout? Dancing, of course. The master of mom-dancing broke it down with Ferrell and Fallon, and shared one her favorite snacks: Kale chips!

Watch the entire sketch below and learn how to execute a triple hand hug.

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