Andrea Billups
January 31, 2014 01:45 PM

Talk about the ultimate meta TV viewing.

In a radio interview with On Air host Ryan Seacrest, First Lady Michelle Obama confided that on her recent family vacation trip she binge-watched episodes of the Washington, D.C., political drama Scandal.

She had a lot of catching up to do. The behind-the-scenes White House drama now includes 39 episodes that are currently streamed online, by Entertainment Weekly‘s count.

“I hadn’t watched it until this past vacation – we went to Hawaii so I had a long flight – so I watched all the seasons,” Obama, 50, said. “I never watched it [before].”

Obama had high praise for the show’s real-life fashion star and expectant mom Kerry Washington, 37, who plays Olivia Pope, a former White House communications director who runs a high-profile D.C. communications firm and has had her own run-ins with the show’s fictional first lady.

“I love Kerry Washington,” Obama said. “She is amazing, so it makes the show fun. It really does. It was fun to watch.”

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