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Alexia Fernandez
November 11, 2016 03:24 AM

Megyn Kelly, the 45-year-old Fox News anchor who took on Donald Trump early in the presidential race, is preparing to release a new book on Nov. 15 that details how her troublesome relationship with the new president-elect began.

In a book review by The New York Times, it’s claimed that Trump was infuriated by a segment of her show, The Kelly File, that caused him to refuse an appearance unless she called him personally.

“I almost unleashed my beautiful Twitter account against you,” she says he told her. “And I still may.”

Somehow, Kelly writes, Trump later found out about how her first question for the Republican presidential primary debate “was a very pointed question directed at him” on his history of using disparaging language against women.

Kelly doesn’t explain where the leak possibly came from, according to the Times‘ review, but a clear takeaway from the book was that parts of Fox News seemed to be leaning toward the then-Republican presidential nominee.

“Folks were starting to worry about Trump — his level of agitation did not match the circumstances,” Kelly writes. “Yes, it was his first debate. But this was bizarre behavior, especially for a man who wanted the nuclear codes.”

On the day of the debate, Kelly writes that she woke up feeling good. That changed when she described a driver who took her to the convention center and insisted on getting her coffee, though she repeatedly declined.

Once she drank it, she became violently ill, vomiting as the debate loomed closer. 

Again, Kelly never writes about how she became afflicted. Instead, she leaves it up to the reader to make their own conclusions, the Times reports.

She does mention the difficult time in which Trump unleashed tweets about her, calling her “overrated,” “angry” and “crazy.”

“Every time Trump acted up,” she writes, “it was like he flipped a switch, instantly causing a flood of intense nastiness.”

She went into detail about how her life changed, depicting death threats that were phoned in, her young daughter asking her what a bimbo was, a suspicious man in the lobby of her apartment building, her family needing an armed guard to Disney World.

Kelly also revealed that months before announcing his candidacy, Trump had tried to gain her support.

According to her, the 70-year-old sent her encouraging notes; invitations for her and her husband to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida; attempts to pick up her tab for a weekend she spent with two friends at the Trump SoHo hotel.

“This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign,” Kelly writes. “I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage. Many reporters have told me that Trump worked hard to offer them something fabulous — from hotel rooms to rides on his 757.”

On Wednesday, Kelly joined Kelly Ripa on Live to discuss Trump’s stunning victory for the White House.

“It was a resounding victory,” Kelly began to tell her co-host Ripa. “I have never seen anything like this. You will never have a result this shocking where people got it shockingly this wrong.”

“I will say this, love him or hate him, he’s the president-elect of our country and the one thing he needs now more than ever is our prayers and good wishes for a strong performance,” she said. “He has a lot to deal with… at the end of it we accept the results and we get behind our President.”

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