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Lost's Jorge Garcia Responds to Mega Millions Fluke

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Mario Perez/ABC

Be careful what you wish for!

That’s the message that Jorge Garcia, who played unlucky lotto winner Hugo “Hurley” Reyes on Lost, has for the more than 9,000 Mega Millions winners who cashed in by using the mysterious numbers from ABC’s hit show.

“The numbers are bad,” he writes in a post on his blog headlined, “When Will People Learn?”

The post continues with the words “Enjoy your” and an image of a $100 bill and a $50 bill with the word “cursed” stamped over them.

Mega Millions players who picked the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 – the same numbers that haunted Hurley and the other islanders on Lost – before Tuesday’s drawing won about $150 for matching four of six of the jackpot-winning numbers, 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42, with 42 being the Mega Ball number.