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Matthew Perry at 40: Another 'Friend' Going Gray

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Todd Williamson/WireImage

Taking a page out of former costar Matt LeBlanc’s book, Matthew Perry refuses to work too hard at hiding the gray.

Asked if he’d resist covering up any silver streaks, the handsome-as-ever actor, who turned 40 last year, told a Television Critics Association panel while touting his new ABC sitcom, Mr. Sunshine: “I think so, until it doesn’t look [right] and then I’ll change it. But I’m fine with the fact that some of my hair is gray. I think if it was all gray overnight that would be scary.”

The former Chandler Bing of Friends was equally relaxed about having hit the milestone last Aug. 19, saying, “It just happened a year ago. So, it’s okay.”

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Still, he’s had to make some lifestyle adjustments in order to stay fit at 40.

“You end up doing stuff like hiking and going to the gym and all those things that you said you’d never do,” Perry admits, adding , “I haven’t played tennis in a while.”

Instead, Perry says. “I play Wallyball. Wallyball is volleyball inside of a racquetball court. I play that often.” (The game, also known as rebound volleyball, actually takes it name from “wall” and “volleyball”).

Lives at Beach

As for how else Perry now spends his spare time, he deadpans, “I just watch porn. That’s it I actually like to hike now and I live near the ocean and I just kind of walk around and look at that. That’s nice.”

One thing Perry won’t be doing anytime soon is reuniting with his Friends wife, Courteney Cox, on her show Cougar Town.

“I sort of subscribe to that thing where I want a little bit of time to establish my character in this [upcoming sitcom]. I love the show. I think that Courteney is hilarious and obviously a really good friend of mine, but I just want there to be some more distance before we do that,” Perry says. “I didn’t think that people would be able to watch it and not see Chandler and Monica.”

Reporting by SCOTT HUVER