People Staff
May 26, 2008 12:00 AM

Rooster McConaughey (real name: Michael Patrick McConaughey) has some serious pipes but he’s not a singer. His job, as a pipe supplier, is much less glamorous. It’s also less glamorous than his brother’s gig as a Hollywood hunk — and PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, Matthew McConaughey.

Rooster is one of the good ol’ boys (he named his second son Miller Lyte after his favorite beer) starring in a new reality show from the producers of the gripping series Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, which offer a glimpse into the lives of men with some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Black Gold (premiering June 18 on truTV) takes viewers inside the race to find oil in Texas. And while Rooster does not work on an oil rig, he supplies the pipes for the drills, which typically go down 10,000 feet below the earth’s surface. That’s a lot of pipe.

But the high stakes business of drilling oil is competitive and risky. When the oil business went bust, Rooster lost everything and ended up renaming his company Chapter 11 Pipe. If it happens again, maybe he can follow in his brother’s footsteps. After all, he did appear in 1998’s The Newton Boys.truTV

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