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WATCH: Today Show's Al Roker and Matt Lauer Didn't Get Along When They First Met

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Today‘s Matt Lauer and Al Roker revealed a bit of their initially turbulent history in a candid segment of Thursday’s morning show.

Lauer, 59, and Roker, 62, revealed they didn’t always get along, and opened up about the moment they first met on live air.

“We had a rough start,” cohost Lauer said, gesturing toward weather anchor Roker.

“We did,” Roker said, smiling.

“We had a rough start and it’s amazing we are dear friends now,” Lauer continued. “Long story short, we’re on the air one time on local television years ago. Al said something to me that I did not appreciate, live on television.”

“He booted my name and I said, ‘Wow, not so easy in the big leagues, is it, pretty boy?'” Roker added.

Others around the table shared their first impressions of the other, including Ice Cube, who said Hoda Kotb was “a fine mamma.”

“I think the segment’s over!” Kotb said, laughing.

Savannah Guthrie shared her first impression of Lauer, saying she thought he was “cute.”