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Matt Bomer Reveals the Best Advice He's Received from Lady Gaga as He Appears Soaking Wet in Sexy Photo Shoot

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Jason Merritt/Getty

Lady Gaga is more than just Matt Bomer‘s 115-year-old vampire lover on American Horror Story: Hotel.

Off-camera, the actress is a friend and sounding board for the 38-year-old actor, providing career advice about what it takes to stay in the industry.

“She said a lot of creating a name and a place for yourself in this business is just having the heart to staying in the game,” Bomer said in a behind-the-scenes video for his January/February Men’s Fitness cover shoot. “A lot of it is learning how to get up and dust yourself off and stand up against adversity or whoever may be an obstacle for you and having the heart to stay open as an artist and creative as an artist.”

Aside from career advice from the industry vet, Bomer also enjoys other perks that come with working alongside the musician.

Men's Fitness

“My favorite thing about working with Lady Gaga is really just the sheer level of creativity she brings to the table,” the father of three said. “And she’s really one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known. Her intelligence is equaled by her heart.”

Of course, Gaga has even more to offer than her brains and heart. Since the pair play lovers on the hit FX drama, they share a lot of skin-to-skin contact, which helps keep Bomer in shape.

“I have to be naked on camera at 9 a.m. for a love scene with Lady Gaga,” he said, as he opted out of a grease-drenched restaurant for for the interview. “So maybe it’s not a good time for, like, French fries.”

In reality, Bomer watches what he eats whether he has a love scene the next morning or not. The former White Collar star credits his eating habits for about 80 percent of how he keeps up his physique.

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“When I was 27, I felt old,” he added. “I didn’t feel healthy. I just wasn’t taking care of my body, and I had a body that wanted me to take care of it.”

That epiphany came over 10 years ago, and the Magic Mike: XXL star has made nutrition and fitness a priority ever since, carefully balancing protein, carbs and vegetables and adjusting his diet for every role.

“In the end, someone is depending on me to show up on their set looking a specific way,” Bomer told the magazine. “Whether that’s 40 pounds overweight or 40 pounds underweight, or looking like a stripper.”