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Martha Stewart Offers Bethenny Frankel Divorce Advice

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Neilson Barnard

Martha Stewart has some choice words to share with Bethenny Frankel about a prickly subject: divorce.

In an episode of Bethenny airing Monday, the domestic diva chats with the talk-show host about family and relationships, opening up about her own 1990 divorce from publisher Andy Stewart.

“It’s a horrible thing to go through a divorce. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a compromise. It was his choice, by the way, not mine,” she says.

Stewart’s advice? “The best thing to do is think of your partner as a piece of you-know-what. It’s over and get on with your life.”

Frankel – who reunites with Stewart, 72, on the show for the first time since both appeared on Celebrity Apprentice – is currently in the midst of a bitter divorce from husband Jason Hoppy.

When Frankel, 42, asks Stewart if she will ever marry again, Stewart turns the tables on the talk-show host.

“Maybe. You’ll get married again,” Stewart says. “You are probably going to get married at least twice again.”

“The reason I am asking you,” Frankel responds, “is because I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get married again, but I wanted to know if you worry about it.”

“I never thought about getting married again after I got divorced. I didn’t think about it,” Stewart says. “I date. I date [including] one exciting one.”