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Kiran Hefa and Ben Trivett
October 16, 2013 07:00 PM

Chances are if you’ve turned on the TV lately, you’ve seen Mark Duplass. The actor has a recurring role on FOX’s The Mindy Project and stars on FXX’s The League, a raunchy comedy about fantasy football with a cult following.

“We’re still shooting right now,” he tells PEOPLE of the show, which combines scripted storylines with improvisational comedy. “I’m still not even sure what is going to happen towards the end of the season.”

During his week off from filming, Duplass jetted to New York to make an appearance at New York Comic Con, where he chatted up his latest effort as a producer: dark comedy Bad Milo, about a man who develops a co-dependent relationship with the demon living inside his intestines.

“It was really fun. It’s almost impossible to get a movie like this made in the studio system and it’s a great challenge,” Duplass says of making the film with his brother and producing partner, Jay. “And we try to make them as cheaply as possible using our experience as independent filmmakers and just don’t wait around for a lot of money.”

Another reason Duplass was inspired to do the project? The chance to work with Stephen Root, best known to film audiences as Milton, the man with the red stapler in 1999’s Office Space.

“He brought the perfect level of craziness that I was hoping for,” says Duplass. “He was amazing.”

Bad Milo is now available on iTunes and onDemand.

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