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People Staff
April 04, 2008 12:00 AM

Holly Kiser, the 21-year-old, self-described farm girl from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, beat out three other finalists — including bromance couple Ronnie and Ben and host Tyson Beckford prot g Perry — to become the first winner of Bravo’s reality competition Make Me a Supermodel. After 12 weeks of living in a New York City apartment with 13 other young and beautiful contestants, Kiser’s win Thursday earned her a $100,000 prize, a modeling contract with New York Model Management and a fashion pictorial in GQ magazine. An excited Kiser spoke to PEOPLE on the phone about leaving the show behind, meeting her favorite supermodel and her decision to abstain from sex with her fianc . –Ainka Shackleford

What was the hardest part about being in the final four?Not knowing what’s going to happen. You don’t know who’s going to win. Or you’re guessing, “It might be Robbie, it might be Ben.”

What do you miss about being in the house?I miss the girls! We had so many great conversations and girl talk. It was fun. Stephanie had so many great little parties. She really was the little party animal … Stephanie was my best friend in the house. Last night she called me and was bawling her eyes out. It was so sweet. I love her. What do you think of the viewer comments on the blog and diary on the Bravo website? It’s the same attitude I have about the comments about working on my body – are going to say things that you might not necessarily agree with but not everyone’s gonna like you. That’s just the thing I learned to accept. This is who I am and you like me or you don’t, that’s just my attitude, like I can’t go through life worrying about it. That causes wrinkles and I can’t do it!

Have you been getting recognized on the street? Of course! That’s the crazy part. I’m like, “What?!” People know who I am? I don’t feel like I’m on a TV show. I feel like I’m just competing for a contract. That’s what it felt like the whole time.

You said Jessica Stam is your favorite model and got to meet her on the show. Who else are you looking forward to meeting or working with? I like all the supermodels now, like Lily Donaldson and just all these fashion you see on all the catwalks now and all the major ads. Jessica Stam really is my favorite supermodel ever. It’s like my story! She grew up on a farm in Canada and she made something of herself even though she lived in a small town. It’s really my story and it’s really why I relate to her the most.

You revealed on the show that you and your fianc abstain from sex. Do you think that the way you handle your sexuality will hinder your career in an industry like modeling?No, I don’t think it’s gonna hinder me. I feel like, let your conscious be your guide. If I really don’t feel comfortable with something, I’m just not going to do it — no matter how much money the job is worth. Andrew Giammarco/Bravo

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