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Joe Manganiello Shows Off His Beer Gut

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Courtesy Joe Manganiello; INF

Joe Manganiello bares all for his role as a stripper in Magic Mike, opening next Friday. But even now that filming has ended, he’s still not shy about stripping down – sort of.

Manganiello, 35, appeared on The Soup this week, donning a prosthetic beer gut.

“That’s right, ladies,” the True Blood star deadpanned. “Soak it in. The six-pack is here.”

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As host Joel McHale looked on in mock horror, Manganiello produced a six-pack of beer that he said was attached to his pants.

“You look a little different than you do in Magic Mike,” McHale snapped.

“Well, yeah,” Manganiello responded. “The camera adds 15 lbs., Joel. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

At least one person, however, doesn’t think Manganiello’s new bulging tummy takes away from his heartthrob status. Singer Kylie Minogue appears to sultrily eat Doritos off of his gut as Manganiello pulled them out of his belly button. (Watch the hilarious video below!)