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Brad Womack
February 22, 2011 08:35 AM

Hello again, everybody! I hope you enjoyed watching the hometown visits. This week was especially important to me because I place such an emphasis on family. It gave me true insight about where the women come from and what life would be like with each of them in their everyday lives.

First of all, each of the families were so welcoming, warm and hospitable. I was welcomed into each home with open arms and I’m truly grateful for that.

One thing I’d like to point out – it seemed as if this go-around I wasn’t met with any skepticism. During my last experience on The Bachelor, I felt like I had to convince some of the family members that it was a very real experience and that love is possible, even in such a unique situation. This time, all of the families seemed to accept that and not question it at all. In fact, I even received unsolicited blessings from some of the fathers (which I greatly appreciated).

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I absolutely loved seeing each of the women light up when they got around their families. We had been traveling a lot by this pointand I could tell the women were becoming homesick. I was so happy to see them back home, genuinely smiling and happy.

Shawntel N.’s hometown had to be the most unique because she showed me her place of work first. Laying down on the embalming table is something I won’t quickly forget. I hope it made her realize I was willing to do literally anything to show her I admire and respect her career!

I played a short game of football with Chantal O.’s family (her father just happens to be an ex-pro football player) and performed terribly. I dropped quite a few passes in front of the man. I think guys can empathize with me here – I was completely and utterly mortified and embarrassed.

Ashley’s family was a riot! They were so much fun and outgoing. You didn’t see me facing a few tough (but appropriate) questions from Ashley’s sister and I’d like to think I passed the test!

Last but definitely not least, I was humbled and honored to get the chance to meet Emily’s daughter, Little Ricki. It took a while to get her to open up to me but once she did, my heart melted by just being around that little girl.

Every single visit with each of the families was perfect in its own, unique way. I can’t explain to all of you how important getting to meet the families is during this experience. It gives the person a true perspective on how everyday life will be with the “chosen one” – a much-needed perspective in a sometimes-cloudy experience.

One last thing … I want to explain why I didn’t kiss Emily while sitting on her couch. It’s no secret that I’m brand new to a lot of this. I’ve never dated a woman with a daughter before so I don’t know proper etiquette in that situation. All I know is this, I wanted to kiss Emily every second I was around her, but my very first concern was showing her daughter respect (as well as Emily). I realize it makes me look like a weird and awkward guy around Emily, but that’s anything but the case. Again, my first concern was her daughter.

Now for the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen in my life – South Africa! These next episodes get really, really good so be prepared to have a lot of fun while watching!

Brad Womack

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