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Louie’s DWTS Blog: Jitterbug, Mambo and Jive — Oh My!

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

Another Monday, which means another blog about Dancing With The Stars from me.

This week has been a long one! Now, every week you make it further just means you have to step it up because the competition is getting tighter and tighter. I am down with it getting harder, but then they add the multiple dances and the that’s where it starts to take its toll.

I am not complaining one bit. Every week means a new dance and a new challenge, which I love. Learning one dance I was ready for, but learning 2 and 3 in a week? That is something I never really thought I would EVER be doing.

Tonight I have the jitterbug, group mambo, and hopefully NOT our knockout dance, the jive. (However, I do feel good about the jive). The jitterbug is a fun dance where you have to have a lot of energy. It is constant movement, jumps, kicks, bounces, lifts. Everything I am into. The group mambo is suppose to replicate a dance competition where all the couples will be on the floor at once and one-by-one the judges eliminate couples by tapping them out. The judges will give each couple a score from 2-10 according to the order you get tapped.

Then on Tuesday, after all the votes are in, instead of announcing the bottom two, this week they will announce the bottom three. The couple with the lowest combined total goes home. Then the next 2 lowest scores have to dance off with only the judges deciding who will go and who will stay. This is the hard part about the knockout dance. The good thing is that we got to choose the dance we wanted to do. Although the jive wasn’t my highest-scoring dance, it is one of my favorites to do and Chelsie thought it would be a good one for me. Hopefully we don’t have to get to that point to allow the judges to make the final decision.

I feel like this jitterbug will really show the judges that I am constantly moving and hope that they are pleased. I wanted to say thank you once again to EVERYONE who has voted, from the who gave me 1 vote to the who power voted.

Every vote means a lot to me and I appreciate it very much! If you can hook it up for me this week to get me past this double elimination, I will try to give you a waltz you all will like next week! PEACE! –Louie Vito

P.S. Chelsie and I are getting along GREAT!! Craig Sjodin/ABC