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Louie Vito’s DWTS Blog: I’m Having Trouble Moving My Hips

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

Another Monday, another blog from me: Let’s start this one off with my thoughts and feelings on last week’s jive. The jive to me has been my favorite one so far. It’s upbeat, fast and fun. I couldn’t have been happier with the way I performed the jive even if I didn’t get the scores I was hoping for. It’s all good to me because we got good feedback from the viewers. I feel like my hard work paid off and showed, and, most importantly, I am here for another week.

Personally, I listen to the judges. It doesn’t bother me how harsh their comments are because I try to take what they say and put it toward my next week’s dance. I, for one though, try to do things I think the viewers and like whether it is a flip or some sort of style. I want my dances to be fun to watch. Luckily for me, Chelsie is good at choreographing routines and knows what moves can accent my strengths.

As the weeks continue, the practices get more intense. This week I have to perform the rumba — the sexy, romantic dance. I mean, let’s be honest here, with a partner like Chelsie we all know this shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, I am having a problem with the hip movement that is needed for this dance. Working on this hip movement is what I have been focusing on for most of this week’s practices.

As I said in my previous blogs, we have less than a week to learn these dances. That means practicing, literally, all day. I practiced from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. just to drill this dance in my head and make sure I am ready to go. The main thing with hip movement is I have to be confident that I can do it. Chelsie has taught me how to do it. Doing the motion is only part of it — the other part is having the confidence that you can do it and selling it to the crowd. That is what caused me the most trouble. I mean, I’ll be honest, in the beginning, in my mind I felt like I was sexy and hot doing the dance. In reality, when I watched the video, I wasn’t. Finally, after lots of practice and video review I feel I can do everything. I just need to do it and do it with confidence.

This week, my goal is just to go out there with belief in my dancing. Even if I am so far off and mess everything up, I want to go out there and handle this dance. The rumba is about male dominance and that’s what I want to do — move my hips and romance Chelsie on the dance floor. If I do that, all my work and goals are accomplished!! –Louie Vito

Craig Sjodin/ABC