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Lindsay Lohan Dresses Like Cleopatra for Elizabeth Taylor Biopic

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Splash News Online

Glimpses onto the set of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick biopic have shown Lindsay Lohan channeling Elizabeth Taylor‘s beauty, glamour and grace with the success of a Hollywood veteran.

And as filming for the movie wraps up, Lohan slips into one of Taylor’s most iconic roles – as Cleopatra from the 1963 film.

In a photo snapped between takes Monday, seemingly on a cigarette break, Lohan passes for the Queen of the Nile in a choppy black wig and gold heels (shoes that Angelina Jolie was once rumored to fill in a film about Cleopatra based on a recent biography).

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
And Lohan had plenty to celebrate when the wig came off: She turned 26, a milestone that was marked with her wrapping filming.

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“Thank you all for the birthday wishes!” she Tweeted. “Also – that’s a wrap on ‘Liz & Dick’ – thank you to all my fans, crew members, friends & lifetime!”