Ruth Kinane
January 14, 2018 09:16 AM
This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly

What’s the one thing that might impede Oprah Winfrey’s presidential campaign? Bread, of course!

On Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones took on the role as potential future president Oprah Winfrey as she and long-time partner Stedman Graham (played by Chris Redd) stopped by for a quick interview on Weekend Update.

Stedman mostly spent his time agreeing with everything Winfrey said while the talk show star shared her reasons for contemplating a presidential run. “I need to get white women back on track,” said Jones as Winfrey. “Ever since I’ve been off the air they’ve been off the track.” She then referenced their voting decisions and the fact that so many housing television shows have been airing to validate her claim.

When asked what Oprah’s presidency would mean for him, Stedman seemed content with being the “first Stedman” though admitted the role was yet TBD. As for the only component that might be able to derail Winfrey’s run for office?

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“The one thing that might be able to beat me is bread,” shared Winfrey. “All my life I’ve lost to bread. Please don’t make me run against bread.”

If you were on the fence about the media mogul becoming the next leader of the free world, you might be convinced by this campaign slogan: “Everyone’s getting a panini!”

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