Diana Pearl
July 06, 2017 05:55 PM

Lauren Conrad may be a new mom and entrepreneur, but to us, we’ll always remember her as a Laguna Beach native, Teen Vogue intern and L.A. newbie. As Conrad settles in with her little family — new son Liam James and husband William Tell — take a look back at the moments (from both Laguna Beach and The Hills) that made her reality TV royalty.

1. The fight in Cabo
In her first foray into reality television, Conrad was at the center of an epic love triangle between Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti and herself. It came to a head on spring break in Cabo, where Coletti and Cavallari had broken up and Conrad found herself in the midst of the drama.

2. Senior prom
Even in Laguna Beach, the land of countless parties thrown by high schoolers, prom is a big deal. Conrad first got ready with her BFF Lo Bosworth and then went to the dance with her friend David. Later on in the night, the Laguna Beach teens got emotional knowing they were all about to go their separate ways. Nothing like a reality TV high school prom!

3. Her airport reunion with Stephen
Both Colletti and Conrad went to school post-graduation in San Francisco (though Conrad, as we know, ended up transferring to FIDM in L.A.). And when Colletti came to pick her up from the airport in S.F., it was the pinnacle of their will-they-won’t-they relationship. Of course, now we know that they didn’t — the pair stayed platonic until the end.

4. The fashion show kiss
Conrad’s own high school romance hit the brakes at a charity fashion show (that she planned) when she caught her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, kissing his ex-girlfriend. The couple broke up, only to reunite later on The Hills.

5. The could-have-been trip to Paris
Conrad will be forever known as “the girl who didn’t go to Paris” — at least, according to her former Teen Vogue boss, Lisa Love. She was offered the chance to go to Paris through her internship at Teen Vogue (quite a perk for an intern!), which she turned down to live at the beach with her boyfriend, Wahler, for the summer. She returned to Teen Vogue that fall without a boyfriend — and with a lot of judgment from her bosses for not snatching up the opportunity to go to Paris.

6. Heidi moves out
Conrad moved to L.A. with roommate and then-“best friend” Heidi Montag, who both prepared to take on The Hills together. So when Montag moved out only to move in with her boyfriend (now husband) Spencer Pratt — who Conrad openly wasn’t a fan of — it created an undeniable rift in their friendship, which ended up severing ties between the two forever.

7. “You know what you did”
Said rift grew even more after a “sick little rumor” started about Conrad and Wahler (that they had created a sex tape). Conrad believed it had been Montag and Pratt who started the rumor, and (sort of) accused them of doing it during a night out in L.A. at their friend Frankie’s birthday party. Conrad never actually told Montag what she thought she did, and instead just told her “You know what you did!” over and over again.

8. Forgive and forget
Looking to make amends, Montag visited Conrad’s apartment to insist that she didn’t start the rumor. What she couldn’t say, however, is that Pratt wasn’t the one who did it. Conrad was convinced Pratt did do it, and she didn’t stand for Montag’s defense of him. The conversation ended with one of the series’ most iconic lines: “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.”

9. The Audrina-Lauren-Justin drama
Even after Montag and Conrad parted ways, the drama was far from over. Conrad’s new roommate, Audrina Patridge, asked her if she hooked up with Patridge’s longtime love, Justin Bobby. Conrad denied it, but was so hurt by the implication that she told Patridge that she was “way worse than Heidi.” A later confrontation between the two about the issue produced the now-iconic mascara tear.

10. The Speidi wedding
Spiedi (the couple name for Pratt and Montag) may have been the subject of reality TV scorn, but they did end up making it down the aisle. But the real question wasn’t whether those two would tie the knot, but whether or not Conrad would show to watch them do so. In one of her last scenes for the show — ever — Conrad did attend, but made a quick exit while Montag tossed her bouquet.

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