People Staff
November 20, 2008 12:00 AM

Since Julianne Hough got eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week, Lance Bass is breathing a little easier.

“She was the one I was scared of the most,” he told PEOPLE Wednesday at Paris Las Vegas. “She’s the queen of Dancing with the Stars and I know that she knows how to win this thing. I love her so much, but I’m glad she’s gone and I don’t have to face her.”

Bass’s competition now is Brooke Burke and former NFL star Warren Sapp. Burke, however, poses the biggest threat to Bass, he said.

“She’s definitely the one I’m looking at,” he said. “She’s been in first place every week and the judges seem to absolutely love her. She could pee on the floor and they would give her 10s for it.”

He adds: “Really in the finals it comes down to who dances the best. It doesn’t have to do with personality or anything, it’s just really who dances the best that night. It’s been a rough ride but I can’t believe I made it.” — Mark Gray


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