Alison Schwartz
May 12, 2013 07:00 AM

For Saturday Night Live fans, this week’s show was like kicking back and catching up with kooky yet familiar friends.

Kristen Wiig made her way back to Studio 8H after leaving nearly a year ago – or 11 months and 30 days to be precise, as she pointed out in her opening monologue.

In case you missed the funny girl’s return to the late-night circuit, here are her three best, most LOL-worthy moments that made us wish she was here to stay.

1. Happy Mother’s Day … Kinda

Wiig got into the spirit of Mother’s Day early in a parody commercial for 1-800-Flowers, in which the only thing her mother (played by Kate McKinnon) knows how to do best is nag her daughter (played by Wiig) about mattress stores of questionable existence and outdated Hollywood scandals. And when she does wish her mom a a happy Mother’s Day with a big bouquet of flowers, things don’t go according to plan. “Maybe you should keep them,” says McKinnon, “because your apartment is so sad.”

2. No Worries – the Ugly Duckling Has Yet to Become a Swan

Wiig’s return to SNL meant she was making her way back to yet another show. Yup, Wiig strapped on her doll hands to get back into character as the ugly duckling on The Lawrence Welk Show, where she proved she hasn’t lost her Dooneese dance moves or knack for telling long-winded stories that don’t make much sense but are still someway, somehow, funny.

3. And She’s Still the Employee of the Month

Wiig was also back on the clock – “and ready to rock!” – working at Target … and voicing her decidedly unwanted opinion and questions in regard to her customers’s purchases. “Are you a hoarder?” she asks a shopper stocking up on greeting cards. And when asked to ring up a pack of maxi pads, she questions, “What are these?” We’d hire her.

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