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Mark Gray
June 04, 2012 03:15 PM

After several romances lived in the public eye, Kim Kardashian is taking a new approach to her personal life: Privacy.

“I’ve kind of tried to adjust my life to have a little more private life,” the reality star, 31, said. “My life is very public and so I get that, but if you can choose to have a little bit of a private life I would choose that over other things now, where I probably wouldn’t have before.”

In her newest relationship, with Kanye West, Kardashian has been considerably less in the spotlight than she has been in the past.

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On Sunday, though, Kardashian hosted a pool party at Las Vegas’s famed Rehab pool party. West, 34, didn’t join her as she hung out on the main stage at the pool with a tight group of friends.

“Life is good,” she said. “I’m super relaxed.”

According to friends, she has reason to be happy and she’s considering moving in with West.

“Things are going really well with them,” a source close to the couple said. “They’re both incredibly happy and so good for each other.”

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