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June 23, 2017 10:30 AM


Kendra Wilkinson and mom Patti’s strained relationship continues to play out on the small screen.

Although the pair’s mother-daughter bond was stronger than ever on The Girls Next Door — which aired from 2005 to 2010 on E! — rising tensions sparked by Patti’s alleged tabloid leaks took their kinship in a dark direction. While the two are currently attempting to mend their broken relationship on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — Family Edition, their dynamic is undoubtedly at an all-time low, with Patti’s tell-all about her daughter taking center stage on the upcoming season of Kendra on Top, premiering Friday.

Ahead of the show’s season 6 premiere, we’re taking a look back at Kendra and Patti’s dynamic through the years.

Shots Fired
In August 2014, Patti gave fans a look inside the mother-daughter relationship — which Patti says was changed by Kendra’s penchant for documenting her life on reality TV: “I love my kids more than anything, but when a television show becomes more important than your relationship with your mom, it’s time to realize that your priorities are messed up.”

A Brief Reconciliation

In the midst of husband Hank Baskett’s cheating scandal, Kendra called her mom crying — the moment was shown on Kendra on Top in 2014 — and asked her to come fly out to see her for a weekend after allegations that Hank had had a sexual encounter with a transgender model came to light.

But, according to Patti, Kendra had a request that she questions in hindsight: “She said, ‘I want to ask you if it’s okay to film your arrival?’ My first reaction was, ‘No, Kendra, I’d rather not,’ ” Patti told a counselor on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — Family Edition in 2017. “To me, when I did walk through the door, it seemed impersonal,” she said.

In a confessional cam session later, Patti shared: “I just don’t know if I can deal with this Hollywood stuff. Kendra’s life has been in front of a camera for so many years. I don’t know who she is anymore.”

Following that brief 2014 encounter, Patti said Kendra stopped talking to her, which prompted the Wilkinson matriarch to post this message on social media shortly after their weekend together: “Well I continue to be hurt & disrespected by my daughter. So please don’t mention her or ask me anything about her. Thanks!”

As for Kendra, the reality star took to Kendra On Top that same year to air out her frustration. “Obviously my mom didn’t get satisfied by trashing me on social media,” Kendra said in a November episode. “She has to go to the next level and do interviews about me and sell stories to the tabloids.”

Baby Milestone

Patti was absent from the May 2014 birth of Kendra and Hank’s daughter Alijah Mary — the athlete’s parents were the only other people in the delivery room. “She has an issue that I didn’t tell her I was pregnant with Alijah – there’s a reason for that,” Kendra explained. “I didn’t want her to leak it.”

An On-Screen Confrontation

Their strained relationship was put on full display during a May 2015 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. “You sell us out to the tabloids,” Kendra, who was standing next to her husband in the clip, shouted to her mom in a room full of their fellow celebrity castmates. “What the hell is your problem? You take our problems and put them out there.”

Patti responded: “You are out of your mind. You want to know tabloids? I’m going to release every text you sent me calling me names.”

Major Life Changes

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty; Jerod Harris/FilmMagic

During a chat with her aunt Kristin in a September 2015 episode of Kendra on Top, Kendra revealed what may be the root of her strained relationship with Patti.

“I still talk to my grandma and she was telling me, ‘You know it was really hard for your mom when you got engaged and when you got married because she feels like she lost her daughter,’ ” she recalled, adding: “I did a lot of reaching out. I did a lot of offering for therapy and my mom just never accepted that. Never reached out. Never accepted what I would think would help us. There was a lot of my side trying and not a lot of her side trying.”

Telling All

In an April 2016 episode of Kendra on Top, Kendra shared her disdain for her mom’s decision to write a tell-all book. “She took my tears off my f—ing face and sold them,” she said, adding in a different scene: “Right when I’m at my happiest point … my mom always creeps right back into my life somehow.”

The book drama continues to strain family ties well into the new season of Kendra on Top. “You would have to write about Hank and the scandal and me and us,” Kendra snapped at her mom during an explosive confrontation on an upcoming episode of the series.

“First of all, I don’t give a s— what he thinks,” Patti said of her daughter’s husband. “The truth hurts. The truth hurts.”

Chat with Dad

Although she was estranged from her dad, Eric, for majority of her life, Kendra asked him for advice when the pair reunited on the season 5 finale of Kendra on Top, which aired in May 2016. “I just wonder where me and my mom stand, like, if I should be the one to, like, go knocking on her door and trying to put this to rest,” Kendra shared.

“You need to wait for her to come back to you, and hopefully she will, eventually,” Eric answered. “You cannot apologize for your family — you married a great man.”

No Change

When asked about her relationship with Patti, Kendra didn’t hold back. “Right now, things are still very bad between me and my mom,” she told PEOPLE Now in a May 2016 interview.

She added: “In her mind, she deserves a piece of what I’ve got.” Hope for the mother and daughter is not lost, but she says it will take some effort from Patti to gain back her trust. “I’ve done all the work, so it has to come on her end now,” Kendra revealed. “She’s going to have to be the one to prove to me that she’ll never sell me out again.”

A Fresh Start?

In a June 2017 interview, Kendra opened up about her relationship with Patti once more. “It’s all about how you react to everything around you, that’s what life is all about,” the reality star revealed when asked if the mother-daughter duo’s experience on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — Family Edition proved beneficial.

Although Patti is absent on Kendra’s social accounts, her mom shared a picture from the Kendra on Top season premiere party on June 10.

Things might be looking up for now, but only time will tell if the pair’s relationship will continue to see improvement.

Kendra on Top airs Fridays (10:30 p.m. ET) on WE tv.

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