Dahvi Shira
March 13, 2013 09:35 AM

Her bathing suit is barely wet and Kendra Wilkinson‘s relationship with her coach Greg Louganis has already taken a nosedive.

In this video clip from ABC’s new show Splash, the reality star plunges into a profanity-laced tirade after Louganis challenges her for refusing to jump from a three-meter board.

“I know Greg is the best diver of all time,” Wilkinson, 27, says in a confessional on the competition show, which airs March 19. “Everybody would probably be pissed at me if I talked s–– about him, but guess what? I’m talking s–– about him. I don’t like him.”

Problems erupted when Louganis, 53, an Olympian with a collection of gold medals, called out the Kendra on Top star for putting on “an act” about her diving anxiety.

“What the f–– do you think you’re telling me right now? That I don’t have a f–– fear of heights?” Wilkinson shouts at him. “I’m sick of you picking on me, Greg I’m working on me, not you. Tell America right now that my fear of heights is an act.”

The reality star ends up storming off, but not before Louganis tells her to “challenge yourself and quit being a baby.”

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