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Lindsay Kimble
November 15, 2016 02:28 PM

More than 10 years have passed since Kelly Osbourne‘s parents’ lives were hanging in the balance, and while Kelly is finally ready to open up about the harrowing experience, the pain of those dark days is still very fresh.

Kelly tells Entertainment Weekly that she gets candid about her mom Sharon Osbourne‘s battle with cancer in the early 2000s, and her father Ozzy Osbourne‘s 2003 near-fatal ATV accident, in new memoir There Is No F—— Secret: Letters from a Badass B—-.

“I still cannot read the letter I wrote about my mom’s cancer and my dad’s accident,” Kelly told EW. “We’re about to go in and do the book on tape, and I’m trying to find somebody who could make it at least slightly toned down, because I can’t read it out myself.”

Explains Kelly, “My mom was in the hospital having chemo and trying to fight her battle with cancer, while my dad was in a coma in the U.K. And I watched both of them come out of surgery and flatline and die in front of me and get brought back to life.”

Ozzy was not wearing a helmet on the 600-lb. vehicle, and spent eight days in a coma, according to ABC News. The year before, Sharon battled colorectal cancer.

“People always assume, ‘Her life has been so easy!’ But it’s not, and it’s all in here, and it’s all the truth,” said Kelly, 32. “I’m not trying to say, ‘Well, my life has been s—, so you got it wrong.’ I’ve had a f—ing amazing, incredible, fruitful, at times yes, miserable life … but I would never change my life for anything.”

The memoir, Kelly told EW, is comprised of letters that the star wrote to various people, including her parents, and also on various topics, like racism.

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She specifically touches on the controversial comments she made about the Latino community while co-hosting The View in 2015.

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Kelly said at the time, addressing president-elect Donald Trump’s recent candidacy announcement. She later apologized for the comment and said it was misconstrued.

The incident has had a lasting impact, Kelly told EW, and inspired a letter called “Dear Racists.”

“I still hate myself for it, because if it was me, watching someone else say it on television, I’d hate them,” she said. “But the fact is, I got cut off. No matter what I was going to say, people are not going to believe it anyway. I know my true intentions behind it, but like I say in my book, the mistake I made was to fall back on witty sarcasm, and you can’t do that when you’re talking about race, especially in this country.”

There Is No F—— Secret: Letters from a Badass B—- is due out April 25.

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