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Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Bruce Fights Back

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Jake Holly/Startraks

Having had enough of his wife’s controlling ways, Bruce provided Kris with a little payback on this week’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After Kris turned down his request for $500 to repair one of his toy helicopters — and confiscated his ATM card to ensure he didn’t spend any money — Bruce was forced to borrow money from Khloe in exchange for cleaning and changing light bulbs. But when Kim and Khloe learned Kris spent $4,000 on a dress after chastising Bruce about his spending, the girls teamed up with their stepdad to teach Kris a lesson.

Stealing the pricey frock from the dry cleaner, the trio sent Kris on a scavenger hunt around town looking for it, and when she returned home, Bruce let her have it. “I want my damn ATM card!” he said, with Kim and Khloe cheering him on. Feeling guilty for not letting Bruce enjoy his earnings, Kris bought her husband a brand new $3,000 helicopter to make it up to him. “You work really hard and you deserve to have what you want,” she told Bruce.

Meanwhile, with two months remaining until baby’s arrival, Kourtney realized it was time she and Scott got serious about preparing, beginning with the nursery. After proving to be no help when picking out a crib, Scott only complained further when Kourtney asked him to help her build it. “You think this is fun? You can be left alone to do it,” he said.

The father-to-be only let Kourtney down again when instead of attending a breast-feeding class with her, he chose to relax poolside with Rob. Embarrassed she had to attend the class with Khloe, Kourtney confronted Scott about his attitude. “What are you bringing to the table? Nothing,” she said. “If you don’t start helping me out and getting on my team, this relationship is done.”

Finally beginning to understand he was behaving irresponsibly, Scott sought out Bruce for advice, and realized, “Being an only child, I never really did care too much about other ‘s needs.” To prove his commitment, Scott surprised Kourtney by building the crib and beginning to decorate the nursery, and later, joined her for a Lamaze class. –Kiran Hefa

Tell us: Do you think Scott will make a good father? Were you happy to see Bruce finally stand up to Kris?Jake Holly/Startraks