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Cloudy with a Chance of Stars: See Katy Perry and 4 Other Celebs Give the Morning Weather

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Being a TV weatherman usually requires a degree in meteorology and several internships, but there’s one type of person who gets to skip right to the front of the line in this competitive field – celebrities.

Katy Perry delighted viewers Wednesday when she appeared on Australian morning show Sunrise to promote her upcoming tour of the Oceanic nation, and in the process tried her hand at reading the country’s weather.

Perry got through the segment with a reasonable amount of aplomb – like most Americans, she can pronounce “Sydney” and “Adelaide” with ease – though she ran into trouble when the forecast turned to Tasmania, mispronouncing the island’s capital as "Hogwarts." (It’s actually Hobart.)

Perry isn’t the only famous face to get her Al Roker on. Enjoy clips of our favorite celebrity weathermen below.

Mark Wahlberg

He’s a Boston guy, but Mark Wahlberg showed off an impressive knowledge of the Delaware Valley when he was in Philadelphia promoting Broken City in 2013.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has a reputation for being one of the most affable stars in Hollywood, which explains why he was able to dance through a Spanish-language weather report on Univision in 2011.

Steve Carell

He’s not a weatherman, he just plays one at the movies. Still, Steve Carell was able to draw on his improv background to give a European weather forecast on British morning show Daybreak in 2013.

Prince Charles

If you’re going to rule a nation, you might as well learn its weather. That’s the lesson demonstrated by Prince Charles, who showed off an atypically loose demeanor during his visit to BBC Scotland in 2012 – though he couldn’t help himself from dropping the names of his various royal residences while he was at it.

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