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Katy Perry Causes a Total Audience Freak Out at Ellen

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Michael Rozman

It’s hard to tell who’s more enthusiastic – a mustachioed Katy Perry (and more on that facial hair in a minute) or two breathless audiences members at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, who were plucked from their seats and grilled on just how well they knew the talk show host.

The prize? A trip to Australia for the one who could answer the most questions, though judging from both women’s borderline hyperventilation as they stood there, it seemed like they had already won just standing next to the two stars.

Perry showed off her comedy chops in a plaid carnival barker’s suit, plus that mustache and a boy’s haircut – “I asked for the Anne Hathaway,” the pop star, 28, quipped about her pixie cut – in an apparent celebration of DeGeneres’s 55th birthday Saturday.

“I’m actually a second cousin to Bob Barker,” Perry, fresh off of her trip to the Obama inauguration with beau John Mayer, joked as she presided over the game she called Grab Ellen’s Bust.

Who won the trip to Australia? Who cares! Check out the clip (below) for a good laugh – and lots of tears from one very, very excited contestant!