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Kate Gosselin Reflects on Her Worst TV Moments

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Spend four and a half years in front of a set of TV cameras, and you’ll end up with plenty of great memories – and some not-so-pleasant ones, too.

On Monday night, TLC will air the final episode of Kate Plus 8 – formerly known as Jon & Kate Plus 8 – and is promoting it with trailers in which Kate Gosselin and her children look back at how the show changed their lives.

One video collects clip after clip of Gosselin, 36, losing her temper. “I couldn’t even stand myself in season two,” she says. “I think people think that I’m like Mommy Dearest …. this horrendous person.”

But while filming her final sit-downs, she defends herself: “Am I rosy and peachy and splendid all the time? I think everyone in this room could say no,” she says. “Sometimes, over two days of shooting for one episode and I have three crabby Mommy moments, well, it’s guaranteed you’re going to see them all in a 22-minute show. So, of course, that makes it seem like I’m crabby Mommy all the time.”

In a second video, the Gosselin kids talk about how they’ll miss the TLC crew – in particular, Mike the sound guy, who’s the only crew member left from the original team.

The final episode air Monday (9 p.m. ET). But don’t expect Kate to walk off into the sunset. She’s already vowed that she’ll be back on TV before long.