Liam Berry
July 10, 2017 08:45 AM


Oftentimes life is a team effort — but for Kate Gosselin and her eight children, that effort can sometimes be a “loud mess.”

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of Kate Plus 8, the busy mother explains how simple things — like baking cupcakes — can quickly become stressful for a family comprised of 13-year-old sextuplets and 16-year-old twins.

“All I remember about making cupcakes is that it was a loud mess,” Gosselin, 42, told cameras. “There was a ton of people in the kitchen — too many, probably. Kids were yelling at kids for doing a horrible job. It was just crazy.”

Things got competitive for the Gosselin children, and old sisters Mady and Cara had plenty of advice to offer their younger siblings.

“I’m using a different technique,” Leah bragged about her well-frosted cupcakes.

Mady, however, did not find her icing abilities so impressive. “I don’t blame you,” she teased her younger sisters. “They say at 12 your eye/hand coordination isn’t fully developed yet.”

“Not to be mean — they are 12 year olds — but Hannah and Leah’s cupcake-making abilities … they are that of 12 year olds,” said Mady.

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While the activity seemed to be enjoyable for the Gosselin children, the number of unfrosted cupcakes combined with the approaching deadline raised the temperature in the kitchen just a bit.

“Okay, so the other 30,000 of them can just go to the party not-iced?” Leah asked both her stressed-out mother and Kate’s best friend, Jamie.

Luckily, Jamie brought out her expedited frosting skills — and helped relieve the stress!

“Jamie makes mommy laugh,” Hannah said, while Leah quipped: “Jamie’s a very helpful tool.”

Catch up with the family during a new mini season of Kate Plus 8 kicking off July 10 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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