Courtesy Kacie Boguskie
Patrick Gomez and Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
February 24, 2014 06:45 PM

How excited is Kacie Boguskie to be getting married? Excited enough that she’s already picked out a wedding date and her dress!

The former Bachelor contestant and her song-publisher boyfriend, Rusty Gaston, became engaged the day after Valentine’s Day and wasted no time in finding that perfect gown, because the pair plan to tie the knot this May.

“We didn’t have anything to wait for, and summer is on its way, and summers in Nashville are unbearable. We didn’t want to wait until the fall, so spring was perfect,” Boguskie, 26, tells PEOPLE.

“We said yes to the dress and got it [Saturday] afternoon. That was awesome,” says the bride-to-be. “My mom and my sister and my aunt and three really close friends of mine came with me.”

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She adds, “I’ve tried on dresses before for shoots and stuff, so I kind of thought I knew what I would want and what looked good on me. But once I started trying on dresses, they were completely different than what I thought I was going to like. I felt more bridal in a different style than I originally thought.”

Boguskie says she knew she wanted to marry Gaston, and yet the proposal came as a “complete surprise.”

“I had no idea it was coming,” she says. “We were out for a walk – our normal Saturday thing – we were on our little path and he proposed at the Belle Meade plantation – a historic site in Nashville where they do weddings in the garden.”

And then? “He proposed there and had had all our family and friends gathered where we first met and celebrated with us. It was perfect.”

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