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Juan Pablo Galavis
January 28, 2014 11:00 AM

Juan Pablo Galavis, former pro soccer player, single father and star of this season’s The Bachelor, is blogging for each week about the ladies, the dates and the difficult decisions he faces. You can also follow Juan on Twitter @JuanPaGalavis.

So my weeks in the U.S. are finished, and it’s time for me to take Mis Niñas on the first international trip: destination Seoul, South Korea.

I have always wanted to go to Asia because I love the food and learning about their culture. The day started at the airport and it took several hours on the plane until we finally landed in Seoul. It’s a gorgeous city with lots of lights and neon signs all over the place.

My first date was a group date, and I took the girls to YG Entertainment, the house of the biggest K Pop stars for a dancing surprise. Dancing is very important to me because a girl who can dance is a big turn-on to me, and one who can’t is a turn-off.

The girls got to the studio, and 2NE1 was waiting there for us. They were going to teach us choreography to one of their biggest songs. Nikki and Danielle were very nervous because of their dancing skills, but I was there to have a good time and see how the girls handled being in or out of their comfort zones.

The biggest surprise wasn’t just practicing, it was when 2NE1 told Mis Niñas that we were going to be the backup dancers at a concert they were performing that night. The girls died – some from excitement (Cassandra and Kat), while some were simply scared (Danielle and Nikki).

The mall was packed, and our performance was pretty good. I loved how the girls let go with the flow and enjoyed the ride. The after-party was at a museum, and it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It had an arch, and apparently every time you pass under it you will add to your longevity.

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I went through it 25 times – hahaha.

Nikki Gets a Rose

I gave the rose to Nikki because I wanted to make her feel more confortable when it came to opening up to me.

On this trip I definitely wanted to have a one on one with Sharleen, because I knew she would appreciate Seoul’s culture and that she is the one with mundo (worldliness). That’s something I really like about Sharleen.

The first part of my date involved walking in the city and exploring the market. I was impressed with all the different food and things in that very hot location. We tried a bunch of things, and I had no idea what they were. The only one thing I kind of recognized was fried crab, and we had a piece of that. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.

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I was looking for a little Korean outfit for Camila, and once we found the right spot, we bought outfits for the three of us. Then we went to a teashop and I got the chance to really talk to her, but in the back of my head I was wondering, how am I going to get her to sing? Maybe dinner is the perfect time.

Camila Gets a Rose

I took her to a very special temple and brought her down to a square (like in all the karate movies I have seen) and I begged her to sing a little. When she opened her mouth and sang a couple of notes, I was so impressed by her powerful voice. The night ended fantastically and I gave her a rose.

My last date in Seoul was another group date. I took the girls to get c-r-a-z-y in Korea and wanted to enjoy doing common things in this city.

Karaoke was fantastic! That little room was so hot and all of us were sweating like we had played a soccer game. The photo booth was really fun – the girls were always good sports.

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In the streets, we tried some food and stopped at this little place for some spicy octopus. It was really hard to convince Clare to try it, but in the end, she put it in her mouth. It lasted for five seconds before she took it out and didn’t eat it.

Feet-Eating Fish

The most fun was Dr. Fish. We had a blast putting our feet in the water and having the fish eat the dead skin off of our feet. It tickled a lot. I almost wasn’t able to handle it. Renee’s feet were the tastiest, because all the fish wanted them. LOL.

The cocktail party at the Hilton Seoul was lovely. It was a nice setting and I had many places to talk to the girls that night. I gave the rose to Andi because I wanted her to be here. She is confident when she is in control, but in this case she doesn’t have control, so I thought a little bit of reassurance would be good for her.

Next week, I keep traveling with the girls in Asia as we head to beautiful Vietnam. I have some major surprises in store for the girls, and I can’t wait to show them.

Hope you enjoy reading, and let me know your thoughts on Twitter.

Juan Pablo

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