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Jon & Kate Plus Eight Looks Back at Fond Memories

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After last week’s announcement that Jon and Kate Gosselin will split, Monday’s episode, which will be the last until August, featured some of the best moments from the couple’s 10-year relationship.

How it all began: A young couple, madly in love, got hitched and enjoyed a Disney World honeymoon and a year of wedded bliss before welcoming two baby girls. Then, hoping to add one more child, they got six. And so Jon and Kate had their eight. The rest of the episode looked back at the best of the Gosselins childhood memories. Here are some highlights:

• When Jon tried to teach the kids about their Korean heritage by cooking some traditional cuisine, the little ones, with plastic chopsticks in hand, eagerly watched, waited and munched on hot peas while their father worked the grill. After dinner, the kids engaged in a little heritage one-upmanship. One of the twins declared, “I’m the Asianest person in the whole family.”

• One of the perks of their TLC show is the many trips and vacations that come along with promoting it. On a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, which required no less than 13 suitcases, the Gosselins’ plane rerouted to Boise, Idaho, for refueling. Just as Kate was beginning to lose it (with one of the little girls jumping on the seat next to her), the whole plane was soon crying — even Kate. But as they touched down, all the craziness was forgotten and the plane erupted with cheers.

• While the children have learned to read, ride bikes and other big-kid activities on the show, Kate seemed especially excited with potty training — and even took pictures of the kids on their first successful trip to the potty. Jon found it gross, and even Kate recognized that it was a little weird, but viewers got to see the photos flash across the screen of the proud Gosselin children standing next to their potties.

• Mondays’s episode ended with an interview with the couple, whose happiness now seemed to be missing. Jon said he can’t just be Jon anymore, “I have to be Jon & Kate Plus Eight, which is a real hard thing for me. I still haven’t come to grips with it.”

Kate followed: “We’re kind of at an odd place,” she said, “so we have ironing to do.”

Jon, Kate and their eight are set to return to TLC in August. — Xiomara Martinez-White

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