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Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Crooked Houses & a Broken Home

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Michael Caulfield/WireImage

Before Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s big announcement was revealed on Monday’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the Gosselin kids got their newest toys, Crooked Houses, which Jon said were “designed to look like a kid built them.”

Cara and Mady each got their own, while their younger brothers and sisters shared. The boys’ playhouse looked like a pirate ship and the younger girls got a garden house, which Jon called “the pinkest house on the planet.” Mady made up her house like an animal hospital while Cara asked for a haunted house, a suggestion that made Kate a little apprehensive.

Snipping at each other over where to place the houses, Kate worried that the wooded area that Jon selected wasn’t close enough to keep an eye on them, while Jon wanted it farther away for fear of intrusion. It took the movers (with a bit of manipulation from Kate) to convince Jon that under the grove was the best spot for the new digs.

While the children were happy little homeowners, Jon traced the change in his relationship back a year, a “hard seven or eight months,” followed by “a really last four months.” But Kate said the disconnect they’re feeling was inevitable — and not an effect of the show. “I believe that it’s a chapter that probably would have played out whether the world was watching or not,” she said. Both Gosselins worried about the undoing of their relationship, but said that the children are the most important things to them.

“I don’t hate Kate,” Jon said. “But I have to do what’s best for me and my kids.”

“I will not lay down and die,” Kate said. “I will go on for my kids. I will survive and they will survive.”

After a commercial break, Jon and Kate announced that they will separate. In a new arrangement, the children will continue in their home, with Kate as primary caretaker and Jon returning on visiting days. The two reminisced about their favorite moments of their children’s lives and their TV show while a video montage showed the children as they grew up on camera. “We can’t go back now,” Kate said, “we can only go forward.”

Then, words flashed across the screen, saying that on June 22, the Gosselins filed for divorce in a Pennsylvania court.

The episode ended with a bittersweet Mother’s Day brunch, held on a rainy afternoon. As they brought the kids into the restaurant one by one, Kate recalled a happier time. “It’s like team work, like the old days,” she said. “That was kind of nice.” The kids ate breakfast with smiles on their faces while their parents, in separate voiceovers, reassured viewers that Mommy and Daddy still love them. — Xiomara Martinez-White

Tell us: Did the Gosselins make the right decision? What did you think of the episode?Michael Caulfield/WireImage