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SNL: John Goodman Tries on Jeggings, Guy Fieri's Full-Throttle Christmas and More

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John Goodman hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend – and he dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and attempted to squeeze into a pair of jeggings.

Which was more scarring? Who can say.

The cold open nicely skewered the Mandela funeral’s errant sign language interpreter and saw German Chancellor Angela Merkel begging President Barack Obama for a selfie.

Kate McKinnon and Goodman had a great sketch together as the only remaining two people at a bar during last call, who decide to make the most of it (“I choose you out of zero more choices, she says”). McKinnon sells some absurd lines – “I’ll have a white wine with cocktail onions,” she says – and things get weird pretty quickly. By the end, we were laughing and cringing in equal measure.

Bobby Moynihan does a fairly amazing Guy Fieri impression for the fictional Guy Fieri’s Full-Throttle Christmas, a holiday special featuring Kid Rock and his Bud Lime gazpacho and “a stocking stuffed with 20-layer bean dip and a crumbled Teddy-Graham crust!” Notable guests include Kimbo Slice, Goodman as Dog the Bounty Hunter (singing a duet with Big Ang from Mob Wives), and Verne Troyer, still in makeup as Mini-Me . Oh, and there’s a recipe for how to turn a fruit cake into a “straight cake.” (“It’s just bacon and cars!”)

This week also featured a great digital short with Jay Pharaoh rapping about H&M, where you can get an entire outfit “for less than a tank of gas” and “the lines stretch all the way to Senegal.” Also, this is where we get the aforementioned image of Goodman squeezing into jeggings. You’re welcome.

Oh, and the Kings of Leon were the evening’s musical guest. Here they are performing “Temple”: