Courtesy OUT Magazine
Dahvi Shira
February 22, 2012 09:55 AM

Joe Manganiello has plenty of experience stripping down for his role as Alcide Herveaux on True Blood – and there’s nothing wrong with that, says the hunk.

“As far as the butt cheeks stuff goes, it just makes sense” Manganiello, 35, tells OUT magazine’s March issue, of his frequent nudity on HBO’s hit series.

“It’s not gratuitous; it’s realistic,” he says. “If you’re a werewolf and you transform, you lose everything and there are your butt cheeks.”

Adds the actor, “The show is a deconstruction of supernatural creatures. It’s not like other werewolf projects where you magically reappear with tiny jean shorts on.”

Viewers will get an even closer view of the hunky star’s physique when his new film Magic Mike hits theaters in June.

Manganiello, who takes on the role of a stripper in the movie, plays it coy when asked if he had to stuff his G-string for the role. “Um, I’ll let everybody see the movie and they can decide,” he says.

Manganiello has a booming career, but his personal life took a bit of a hit last year when reports surfaced that he and fiancée Audra Marie called off their one-year engagement. At the time Manganiello wouldn’t confirm or deny the split, but now confirms that he’s flying solo – and liking it.

“I used to have two dogs, but, um, the owner of the dogs moved out,” he says. “I’m single. Yeah, I used to not like being alone, but I dig it, man.”

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