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Joe Bastianich
August 08, 2013 10:40 AM

Joe Bastianich is a restaurateur, winemaker, author and one of the judges of MasterChef. He’ll be blogging each week about the show’s search for the best home cooks. Follow him on Twitter @Jbastianich or visit

While our remaining home cooks loved hearing they would not be cooking during Wednesday’s challenge, they were less than thrilled with the return of former contestants Bri, Bime and Lynn!

Jordan pretty much summed up the collective sentiments of the group regarding the possible reentry of Lynn. Despite his untimely exit, everyone knows that Lynn is the most technically advanced home cook to come out of Season 4. Although a favorite amongst his peers, the viewers, and us judges, competition-wise he is his fellow home cooks’ worst nightmare.

I chose to bring him back for this very reason. If anyone deserves a second chance, arguably it is he who possesses the most talent. For him to crack under pressure yet again for me was a big letdown, albeit not entirely a surprise.

Initially Graham’s belief in Bime threw me. He and Lynn are at such different skill levels. I was honestly wondering what he was doing there. But I have to hand it to Bime – and perhaps to Graham. Bime is a non-technical instinctive cook and doesn’t get rattled too easily.

What he lacks in skill and knowledge, perhaps he makes up for in his ability to power through intense situations while still keeping his head. This is where it is obvious to me that he is a dad – and a good one. I think his fellow contestants branding him an idiot was harsh.

I admit his aw-shucks, and at times almost childlike demeanor doesn’t do much for his marketability as a serious contender, but at the end of the day, he was able to deliver on the plate, whereas Lynn barely made it out of the gate. Call him what you want, but you can’t argue with that. The fact that he lost by a nose in the final elimination challenge is also quite commendable.

Much to Krissi’s delight, it was our favorite poster child for the animal loving-hippy set, Bri, who we welcomed back to the MasterChef kitchen. Clearly she has gained a better grasp of her shortcomings, especially with regard to time management, and I hope it is enough to keep her around to aggravate her South Philly foe for at least another challenge.

Tune in next Wednesday at 9/8c on FOX as Natasha shows us how to take out poultry with her bare hands – just kidding … maybe … Thanks for reading!

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