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July 01, 2008 12:00 AM

Everyone’s favorite party girl–and The Real Housewives of Orange County alum–Jo De La Rosa is back on TV.

For fans of The Housewives of Orange County, last we saw of Jo, she was grooming to be a ‘Housewife’ to fianc Slade Smiley–that was before the two headed down splitsville. But that wasn’t the end of Jo & Slade, oh no, it was just the beginning of another reality show: Jo & Slade: Date My Ex. The premise: Slade helps Jo find a new guy.

So last night’s Jo & Slade: The Break Up served as a preview to the new show and give viewers a refresher on why Jo and Slade couldn’t make it work as a couple. –Callie Schweitzer

Here’s how it all went downhill for the two: • Blissful opening. Slade says, “We will be together until we’re done.” And yet, with a title like The Break Up, it’s not too surprising that the couple is dunzo 20-minutes into the show. • Turmoil begins. Jo voices her unhappiness with a $100,000 wedding budget. •Slade belittles Jo. We are introduced to ‘Joisms.’ Definition (helpfully provided by Slade): Certain things that are obvious to the common folk that escape Jo “because she’s from Peru.” • The breakup is official. Jo says, “When he walked out, he was done with me and I was done with him.” • Moving out. Jo describes the “circle of resentment” they have toward each other. Slade packs Jo’s things, she picks them up. He removes the license plate from the blue Mercedes he purchased for her, she drives off in a huff. • Surprise! They make up. Jo cries in Slade’s arms. He takes her on a romance-filled weekend with wine tasting and sex talk. • Cosmic signs point to another breakup. Jo meets a psychic who tells her to go to L.A. to pursue her singing career and ditch Slade. Whoops, Slade is sitting right behind her and overhears the whole thing. • Jo moves to L.A. Jo & Slade are officially over.

Well, sort of. Jo & Slade: Date My Ex premieres July 21 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.


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