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Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Prank Is Back: Kids, Your Parents Ate All the Candy

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Inset: Rodrigo Vaz/Filmmagic

Jimmy Kimmel was quite the trickster for Halloween – but the results were anything but sweet for hordes of kids.

For the third year-running, the talk-show host asked parents to prank their children by telling the youngsters that they ate all the Halloween candy.

Better still, he asked folks to shoot it all on video, so that earth-shattering moment is captured for all posterity (and, no doubt, for the future embarrassment of their kids).

The outcome – which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday – was nothing less than catastrophic, as unbridled and unfiltered reactions told the whole tale of their Hallow’s Eve woe.

Forget ghoulish Halloween tricks: This was the real holiday horror for those poor pranked kids.