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Watch Jimmy Fallon's Dad Steal His First Tonight Show Monologue


Jimmy Fallon’s first monologue on the The Tonight Show had one unlikely crasher: His dad.

After emerging from the Tonight Show curtain for the first time, Fallon – who was endearingly earnest and self-deprecating – began his monologue and introduced his parents, who were sitting several rows up in the audience.

Fallon’s father, Jim, could be heard responding to his son’s introduction, a fact that Fallon didn’t fail to notice. “He’s trying to do bits up there,” Fallon remarked to sidekick Steve Higgins.

And it worked: The elder Fallon got one of the bigger laughs of the monologue when he made a joke about “paying a lot of money” to get Jimmy to graduate from high school, which Fallon first responded to with, “I know, Dad,” before getting temporarily indignant and noting, “It was a public high school!”

Just remember, Jimmy, no matter how big you get, your dad can still embarrass you.

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