Alex Heigl
May 14, 2014 10:45 AM

Dolly Parton is one of music’s true legends, and a being of pure light created to bring joy and love to the world.

So when Jimmy Fallon tried on one of her wigs, we were expecting more. He does look rather fetching, though.

Parton revealed to Fallon that she has 365 wigs, one for each day of the year. She’s currently making the rounds promoting her 42nd (!) album, Blue Smoke, and the 68-year-old icon is as charming as ever.

“You are so cute,” Fallon interjects at one point, stammering, “I can’t even tell you, everyone here just wants to hug and kiss you.”

Parton bantered good-naturedly with Fallon throughout, though after he donned her wig, she did tell him, “Don’t you think you look a little more like Paula Deen or Gary Busey?”

You can watch the full interview between the pair below.

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