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People Staff
June 01, 2010 01:00 AM

While his Jersey Shore buddy Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino once said his perfect girl could be "anyone," Pauly Delvecchio is little more selective.

“She’s gotta take care of herself,” Delvecchio, 29 – aka Pauly D – told PEOPLE Sunday before deejaying at Las Vegas’s Palms Casino Resort. “She’s gotta be, like, drop-dead gorgeous. She’s gotta stand out in a crowd. She’s gotta take care of herself like I do.”

Delvecchio says his perfect woman will adhere to the same GTL motto (gym, tan, laundry) as he does. “A confident girl for Pauly D, that’s what I need,” he says. “She’s gotta be beautiful.”

The second season of Jersey Shore was filmed in Miami this spring and will premiere July 29 on MTV. What can viewers expect? “So much more everything,” Delvecchio says. “More drama, more fights, more hookups, more everything. It was insane. I had the time of my life. I love Miami. We just killed it out there.”

And what are his tips for having a great summer? “You gotta be outside,” he says. “Hit the pool parties. Hit the beach. Good music. Nice tan. Good-looking . That’s the ideal summer for me.” –Mark Gray

Tell us: Are you excited for Jersey Shore‘s return? Would you date Pauly D?

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