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Jersey Shore Poll: The Situation's Weirdest Moment

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Courtesy Scott Gries/Picture Group/MTV

After a classic, Snooki-focused episode last week, the Jersey Shore turned its attention to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino last night. Specifically, some of his more mysterious behaviors.

At the onset of the episode – the next to last of the season – The Sitch climbs into Snooki’s bed with her to apologize for his behavior the night before, inexplicably holding a fistful of cash. Was he going to buy her forgiveness? Encourage her to do an impromptu striptease? The world may never know.

Then, when a leather-clad conquest obviously ditches him, he takes the opportunity the next morning to tell JWOWW that he was the one to turn the girl down. Um, Situation? Hate to break it to you, but the camera guys got the whole thing on film. The jig is up.

Finally, after a cooking gaffe ends up with some firemen dropping by the house, The Situation heads out for a GTL-and-more grooming session with Vinny. He proceeds to park in a clearly marked tow-away zone and is flabbergasted to find out that the car does, in fact, get towed.

“Mike is crazy,” Vinny laments. “Explaining the rules to him . . . he just can’t follow it!”