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Jersey Shore: Man Catches Niece Playing with Vinny's Vuvuzela

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Apparently, Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore has Shakespearean themes.

When Vinny brings home a new female friend from hotspot Karma, he’s in for a surprise. In a clip from the episode, Vinny is hanging out with the girl at home and they’re (literally!) playing with his vuvuzela, when her uncle and cousins show up.

“I come here to get my niece,” a man Vinny calls Uncle Joe says. “[She’s] my sister’s beautiful daughter and I need to pick her up.”

Vinny looks incredulous. “Do you have to leave?” he asks her. “What the hell?”

Once his date is gone, Vinny says to the camera, “You’re going to come into my house and try to take her away? What is this, f––ing Romeo and Juliet? The Capulets and the f––ing whatever?”

A new episode of Jersey Shore airs Thursday (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.